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interviews, group discussions

observation, participant observation

face-to-face, online, telephone

We conduct social marketing research and evaluation for governments, not for profit and health focused organisations.

We conduct commercial research that involves complex decisions, sensitive issues or high levels of emotional involvement.    

As qualitative research specialists market access conducts focus group discussions, depth interviews, online blogs and forums, participant observation and ethnographic studies.  


The areas in which we most frequently conduct research include:

  • behavioural motivation & change

  • behavioural economics

  • evidence based practice

  • policy, program & service delivery

  • development, implementation & evaluation

  • communication, brand & messaging

  • channels & technology

  • decision-making & risk management

  • needs assessment

  • business-to-business

While much of our work is confidential,

the following studies are publicly available.

Victorian Gambling Study 

Empowering YOUth Initiatives Consolidated Learnings report

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