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BA (Hons. Psych)  


Dean has been a researcher for over 25 years, specialising in Qualitative research for the past 15.


Dean has worked in industry, academia and as a research supplier. He has conducted projects in Australia, the United States, Britain and several South East Asian countries.


in recent years much of Dean’s work has focussed on providing social marketing research for government and agencies associated with government. He has substantial experience in automotive, property, B2B and channels. 


Dean has a significant exerience researching communications, operations, service delivery, product development, systems and processes. 


Dean has a particular interest in research implementation of theories of behaviour change and the related field of behavioural economics. He has conducted numerous projects applying and adapting the stages of change model of behaviour change.


Dean commenced his working life in academic research. During this time his work focused on management decision-making, optimising decision outcomes and managerial risk assessment. This experience contributed to Dean having an obsession with risk assessment and management.


Dean also spent several years as a strategy consultant, where he was responsible for buying, designing and implementing research for use in business, marketing and marketing channel strategy.

Dean has spoken at conferences, facilitated education classes and seminars and contributed to textbooks.   


Dean was a pioneer in implementing usability testing in market research.



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